Parents use your mobile device for ESRB game ratings!

Raise your hand if you got an iPod Touch/iPhone for Christmas??? Parents and their children all over the U.S. of A. received these awesome hand helds for Christmas! (FYI: I did not get one) I'm all for technology across the ages! How fun that so many generations can enjoy and understand this technology!

If the word App is not in the Webster Dictionary it is sure headed there!  Every where you turn you hear app this and app that! Just a few days ago I over heard a 4 year old telling his mom about an app! I just learned of a new app that is a must for any parent of a child who loves to play video games!  Do you ever find yourself at the store looking at games to buy your kids and  not sure which ones are appropriate? Do you need more information?  Don't set yourself up to buy something and then find out later the game wasn't appropriate!

Thanks to the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) you can now access the rating summaries while in the store!  With the touch of your internet ready mobile device you can access and check out the game quickly!  You can also download a free iPhone/iPod Touch app. This allows you to enter a game's title and get the rating review!  Make sure you tell other parents about this app as well as anyone you know who will be buying your child a video game! Teach your gamers about the ESRB ratings.  Let them know how you make a decision on which games they can play!

SO to access the ESRB ratings:

1) Internet ready mobile phones go to or to get the ratings.

2) To access the app from your iPhone/iPod Touch, go to the iTunes App Store and search for "video game ratings' to find and download the app! You can also send yourself an email with a link to download the app directly to your phone!

It can't get any easier than that!

Follow ESRB online for more information! (also in spanish)


For more information online about Technology and your kids check out The Online Mom!

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