FREE Dance Mat Typing by BBC- Get your kid's typing this summer!

A few years back I found an online typing program for my daughters.  They loved the quirky program and it was silly enough to keep their attention and learn to type.  We lost touch with the program until just today!  I went searching for it and was so excited to find it online!  This is a fun program to get your kids typing this summer!

This program is geared toward 7-11 year olds.  As you go through each stage, it recaps the previous lesson, introduces new letters typed with left and right hands, practice of previous letters and the quirky part is that the typist is rewarded with  a mini song and dance!

It is so important to learn touch typing.  Computers are a part of our every day life.  The program gives tips on using the correct fingers, rest wrist on desk and take a rest to let your hands and arms relax. Encourage your kids to NOT look at their hands when they are typing.  If they follow this program they will be typing faster than then write in no time!

The program also includes printable worksheets to practice when offline!

Now go check it out!  Dance Mat Typing

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  1. Thank you for the info! I've been looking for a good program to teach my son typing and this looks like a fun one for him!


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