CSN helps with bedroom makeover

A few months back I posted tips on doing a bedroom makeover!  Over the past few weeks we've been using our tips to give my 11 year old a fun new room makeover.  She will be going from plain white to razzle dazzle me purple!  Each summer I pick a room to redecorate.  This is our 4th Summer living here and so it is her turn to get a room makeover.  We live in a small town and most supplies that we need are 30-45 minutes away.  Sometimes even further!  I order a lot of things online to save time and gas money.  One of my favorite online stops includes over 200 online stores.  CSN stores carry everything needed for a room makeover including curtains, rugs, and a new bed.
Emily has a loft bed right now so we decided that she isn't getting a new bed right now.  If I do get her one in the future I'm getting this one:
 This is almost identical to the one she use to have.  It matches her other furniture in her room as you can see below.  She has a huge dresser with a mirror, small book shelf and a rectangle "toy box" that matches this collection!  

Are you shopping for a new bed? If so go check out CSN stores and see if they have something to match your style and budget.  I'll be posting photos and tips as we redo her room.  Today we are starting to rip off the wallpaper!  ~~FUN~~

Check back here in a few days because I'm going to be doing a product review from CSN stores. 

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