Thursday, June 17, 2010

National Eat your Veggies Day!

I'm slow at posting today! I JUST found out that today is National Eat your Veggies Day! Yippiee! I love veggies, especially this time of the year when fresh tomatoes are turning pretty colors on the vines!

Here are some of my veggie recipes!  If you have some please leave your links here..... RECIPES.  People will visit your links (bring traffic to your blog) so list some recipes!

While you are here stop in and visit my giveaways on my right side bar! If you enter the COMPOST STEW A-Z Recipes for the Earth (How to make a compost pile)  6/17 thru 6/20 from reading this post give your self the "Veggie Day 5 bonus entries"


Lisa F. said...

If you cooked these things I would eat my veggies!

Erin Wallace said...

Susie - at first I was taken aback about the comment about my butt looking nice - then I realized you were talking about my PORK butt!! Here's the link to the recipe, and if you'd like to use photos from the post you can: . Hope you like it; it got rave reviews from everyone who ate it (without bar-b-que sauce). Oh, and have fun with your pressure cooker! They are the best!

xo Erin

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