Gooseberry Patch Cookbook Review Party

I love Gooseberry Patch Cookbook! I've never made a recipe that didn't turn out yummy! I was selected to host a preview party for the cookbook,  Slow Cookers, Casseroles & Skillets which is due to be released June 15th!
I decided to try a recipe from each of the three categories: Savory Slow Cookers, Casseroles & Skillets. I chose Italian Sausages & Peppers, Monkey Taters and Southern Fried Apples.

The Italian Sausages &  Peppers(click to get recipe) were excellent! Instead of green peppers per ingredient listing, (my girls do not like cooked g.peppers)  I used colorful red, orange and yellow peppers which made the dish sweet.  I've never made a dish like this but knew with 5 ingredients I couldn't go wrong making it. It truly is a great recipe for a party. I doubled the recipe.  Super easy and tasty!
The next recipe chosen was Monkey Taters(click for recipe) in the Cozy Casseroles chapter.  They turned out great!  I've made many version of this dish but I am convinced that the tater tots are the best potato choice!
 Finally for dessert, there weren't a lot to choose in this book but I was determined to use the book for my entire meal!  Against my better judgment I chose Southern Fried Apples(click for recipe).  I say this because my daughters never order these in country restaurants so I never make them at home. I think it is a texture thing.  This recipe was in the Speedy Skillets chapter.  It smelled so delish cooking! Instead of the optional whipped cream I served it over vanilla ice cream! I figured if someone didn't like the apples then they could just have plain ice cream.  It was a huge hit by all!

I served dinner with fresh veggies (especially for the low carb friends because potatoes are a no-no) and fresh salsa.
Thanks to Gooseberry Patch for sending me a cookbook to review and one for a giveaway. It was a tasty good time! All the pictures and words here are of my own tasty words and opinions.

Click on the cookbook to check it out!

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