Southern Illinois Save 50% at Pagliai’s Pizza and Pasta!!!

Here is a HOT deal for YOU! Don't miss out on this 

Save 50% on Food and Drinks at Pagliai’s Pizza and Pasta!!!

We love the pasta & brick oven fired pizza, family and college town atmosphere at the Carbondale, IL Pagliai's Pizza and Pasta Restaurant. This deal is now live and will end on Saturday, March 10th. The voucher is good through May 12th. This deal is great for a fun date night or a great way to save $ on a family meal.

Here is info on Pagliai's incase you have never been there. Check out their website but come back here to go get the deal! 

HIGHLIGHTS from My Town Half Price

Only the freshest, premium ingredients are used in preparing our food - fresh-made dough, preservative - free lean custom ground sausage, fresh spinach, green peppers, mushrooms and other fresh toppings prepared in our immaculately clean kitchen to provide you with gourmet pizza, premium pastas, and top quality sandwich meats. Our pizza and spaghetti sauces are wholesome mixtures of tomatoes, onion, garlic and assorted spices right down to the last dash of oregano. Diners may discover a few other family secrets as they watch their own pizzas being prepared in our open, easy-to-view kitchen and slid into stone hearth ovens.

GO get the deal now!!! lol Really, it is a good one! Click, Pagliai's Pizza and Pasta!

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