Changes with Facebook Part 2

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  • FB is pumping up their "Reach Generator" which will help your fans see the stories you want them to see. On average, the reach to your base is 16%. So 16% of your content posted is seen by all your subscribers. Beta testers who used reach generator were able to jump up to 75% and more to their subscribers. More will be posted on this.
  • I’ve been playing around on my pages the past 24 hours and I can see what they mean by reach generator. On the new timeline, you can highlight what you want your viewers to see. Once you make an update and hit submit, hover your mouse over the right hand corner of that post. You can choose to highlight it which will spread the story/picture across your page. This can be done by other post on your wall, too. It stays this way until you highlight the next one.
  • Along this same line, once you hover to that corner you also see the "Edit or Remove" pencil. Tap it to see the features! You can now make that post "Pin to the Top", "hide", "delete" or "report/mark for spam".  I LOVE the Pin to the Top function. This is some of that "Reach Generator"  action. It allows a post to stay at the top of your page for everyone to see for however long you want them to see it. If you post anything else, it goes under that Pin to top post unless you mark that you want it at the top. You might want every post you make to be at the top. If so, then every time you post, make it a habit to mark it as "pin to top" FB wants you to have your "above the fold" post at the top of your page. You do this using the pin to top function. Use this to highlight a customer story, fan of the week, a recipe, blog link up, business add, etc. The possibilities are unlimited!
  • Another FB buzz phrase is "Go back to the future" by reconnecting with your customers. Just think about that. Think about the pages you are on and what is being said. They are either saying how much they love the product or complaining how it didn't perform. Customers are also telling businesses how much they love their local store or complaining about poor customer service. It is up to the business to ignore or work with customers. If you have a FB page, don't ignore any of your customers. Work with them and get their story. Use it to drive change in your business.
  • FB will be launching an even better news feed that will allow your business to reach out to customers and their contacts. The news feed will be desktop and mobile.  This is more of their "Reach Generator" service. This will increase customer engagement.
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