How I Fought and Beat a Monster of a Stain Contest

Have you ever had a monster of a stain? Were you at odds on how to get rid of it? What did you do? How did you get rid of it?

There is a contest going on right now over at Scholastic on this very subject. They want to know about how you fought and beat a monster of a stain! Your story could make you one of three lucky winners to win play equipment for your own backyard, athletic equipment for your child's school, plus a year's supply of Clorox2. The contest ends April 20th 2012.

About a month ago I encountered my monster of a stain. Silly me should have take a photo of the before and after BUT I was so upset with what had happened that I didn't think of snapping a picture. Go figure because I take pictures of EVERYTHING!

My story: I was at the tail end of the nasty flu that was going around and a friend called and wanted to bring over a pot of spicy tomato based soup to make me feel better. I met her at the door, the soup was in a large pot, half way full. I put the soup down and shut the door. I then turned to walk up my white carpet steps (ok not my choice to have white carpet but it came with the house) and about the 3 step up of 10, Aslan, my sweet kitty cut right in front of my feet and tripped me. I lost my balance, because of the soup pot and fell up the steps. The soup flew out of the pot and up the steps with me. I hurt my knee, face and hands. I actually cried in pain which made my sleeping teen jump out of bed to see what was wrong. I wasn't mad at the kitty, he really is so sweet and didn't realize what he did. The teen wanted to help but I knew it was something that I had to do myself.
To clean, I scooped up the mess and just cleaned it one layer at a time. Oh it spattered EVERYWHERE. Once all the chunks were up I did damp water to clean up all the food particles. I then sprayed Clorox2 bleach on the carpet. The product that I used wasn't for carpets but I didn't care. I let it soak for at least an hour and repeated the process at least 5 times that day. I then used a rug cleaner to clean it several times. Some tiny spots of the stain did not come up but for the most part I beat the stain monster.

Do you have a story? Enter the "How I Fought And Beat a Monster of a Stain" contest! Once you enter you are welcome to share with me your story!

Thanks to the sponsor of this post, I received $100 for blogging on this topic. My own words & opinions are expressed here.

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