Happy Pi Day 3.14 or Pie Day in Foodie World

Pi Day is March 14th or 3.14 Day. How do you celebrate? Do you celebrate Pi or Pie? 

In the world of foodies any day gives us an excuse to make something or share a recipe! So why not celebrate March 14th (3.14) as Pie day!  Sad to say, I'm not a big pie maker!  Now, I didn't say that I can't make pies I just don't seem to make many.  I was racking my photo brain and I don't think that I have any pics of pies to share.  My computer crashed late fall last year and some of my photos from August-October got eaten up and forever lost!  A few of those photos had pictures of Chocolate Pie and Washington Cream Pie. I'll give you the chocolate recipe below.  I'll hold off on the Washington Cream Pie until I make it.  It is a bit complicated.  I'll take some pictures of the steps and then share!

Chocolate Pie - quick and easy
(making this since I was in high school)

1 lg Jello Chocolate Pudding mix
1 pie crust (As a kid we had a regular pie crust. I've since used graham cracker of oreo pie crust)
Whipped cream

Make the pudding according to box instructions for pie.  When done, pour into pie crust.  Let cool for a few hours and eat!  Very simple and so yummy!

Here is a recipe that I found at the same site for the Chocolate Chess pie.  This one is just called Chess Pie and it does look good!!!  Here is a Gooseberry Patch link for Apple Blush Pie!

Today also reminds me of a book that I would read to my girls and at their school when they were little.  It is called Piggie Pie by Margie Palatini!  It is a hoot!!! 

It is a story about Gritch the Witch and she is off to Old MacDonalds Farm to get some pigs.  There are many other childhood stories woven into this story. I love reading the story using my best ever Witch voice!!!!!  Of course I like to sound like the Wizard of Oz witch when she says "I get you my pretty".

Do you have a pie recipe to share? IF so feel free to leave you link in the comments below and I'll gladly come visit!!!!

Happy Pi(e) Day!
Ok and if you want to be all math smart you can celebrate just plain old Pi Day without any whipped cream.

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