Lucky St. Patrick's Day Brownie Recipe

Super easy St. Patrick's Day recipe to make for your family. We love these lucky St. Patrick's Day Brownies!

Lucky St. Patrick Day Brownies


1 Brownie Mix (and ingredients according to package)
1/2 cup chocolate chips
1 can cream cheese frosting or make your own
Wilton Leaf Green food coloring
Mint extract, optional (few drops)
1-2 cups of Andies Mint Chips (baking aisle)

1) Mix brownies according to package.
2) Stir in chocolate chips. 
3) Bake according to package.
4) When done, cool.
5) While cooling make frosting. 
6) Make your own or use the can frosting. Use the Wilton food coloring to dye the frosting. You only need about 1 glob of coloring. Use a toothpick to get the coloring into the frosting.
7) Once brownies are cool, frost and top with Andies Mints.

Kitchen Tips
If you want to stay away from the food coloring, just lightly flavor the cream with a few drops of mint extract and skip the coloring. It will taste the same either way.

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