Changes with Facebook Pages Part 1

I attended part of the online Facebook Marketing Conference on 2/29/12. Besides being Leap Day it was also the day Facebook rolled out the new Facebook Pages. I am breaking this into several post because I have a lot to share. I do hope it helps you. Let me know if you have more to add, questions, corrections, etc. Below is my page if you want to take a sneak peak!

  • If you have a Facebook (FB) business page, do the upgrade today. Take advantage of it. Stay on top of your page, get the updates and then you will have the ability to help others. Not all change is good but change is how we grow. Someone at the conference said that FB makes changes based on what people ask. Some works, some doesn’t. If it doesn’t they change it.
  • The new timeline for your business page mimics your personal FB page. Most of you are familiar with some of its functions already.
  • The timeline page is taking your personal page and business page along the path of "Stories" which seems to be the latest FB buzz word. It actually puts FB ahead of Google+ by miles. I personally don't see why we compare the two medias. They both are entirely different.
  • "Stories" is what you have to share and what others have to share about your brand. Use their stories to build your brand. If you are a blogger you are probably thinking, ok sure how does this apply to me. Here is my example: You blog about recipes and post them on your FB wall. When people comment, that is their story. They are saying how this looks yummy, how they have tried it but they prefer walnuts over pecans, etc. Take their comments and answer them. TALK TO THEM! Other people will read the conversation and head to your blog and find their own recipe that they like, etc. While they are at your blog, they are clicking your other post, your ads, links, etc. So this will yes, in turn, increase your revenue. A bloggers revenue is obviously smaller than Ben & Jerry's but it all adds up. Get it?
  • FB is rolling out "Offers" which will be announced more later. I'm sure that means paid offers. Along with the Facebook "Premium" for brands which I'm sure is also a paid service of some sort. It is supposed to be big in helping your business grow. From what I picked up, you can have OFFERS on your page, like coupons, deals, etc for your customers. They will announce more.
  • Click for Part 2

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