Changes with Facebook Pages part 3

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  • Another buzz word is "Mission Control" and that is the top of your FB business page. It looks very overwhelming at first but once you press all the buttons and play around with it you will be a pro in no time. Up at Mission control/Admin Panel you have your NOTIFICATIONS-great to see every thing that is being posted, commented on, etc. Click to go right to each comment and answer. It is also works great to see right away what is getting attention by your readers. NEW LIKES-see right away who is liking your page, MESSAGES-If someone clicks message under your COVER PHOTO, the message box is where that will show up! Love it. The best part of Mission Control is the INSIGHTS-right away you can see the changes. I love the purple bubbles. Click around on it and know that soon they will have more real time stats. They are doing this so you can see right away what is working and what isn't working. Use the stats right away to make change, post more what is working, etc. I love this a lot! You also have the bar on top that lets you MANAGE, BUILD AUDIENCE and HELP (includes real help & videos). PAGE TIPS is there to help you, too! FB will also be rolling out a feature on the Admin page that will allow you to have various admins with various functions. So if you just want an Admin to see your insights, then will be all that they will have access to and so on. 

  • Yet another buzz that I heard this many times at the conference-"What do you want to achieve, where are you going and get your customers to tell their stories."

  • Page Products- The new timeline is a Basic Web Page. I think FB is wanting people to use this and rely on their FB page as their business page. If someone doesn't have a blog, they can basically create their own FB page and make it  their web page.  LOGO- is the tiny square box. This is the image that goes into the news feed. It is what people see when you comment.This is your logo and it is 30X30. You want to make this your brand and keep it. Don't change it. COVER PHOTO-This is a wonderful thing for your page. You can change this with whatever you want to highlight/feature. If you are a business, it might be your current ad. If you are a foodie blogger, it might be your HOT recipe that is getting  a lot of attention. Maybe it is a brand you are trying to promote. Give it that top spot to highlight it. Maybe a blogger can make money with this hot spot
  • GUESS WHAT? I just found this out about the COVER PHOTO  “This space is not meant for promotions, coupons, or advertisements.”  (Read more herePeople see it when they come to your page. Remember to add the link back to your blog (with the photo) so when it gets clicked they know where to go for more information. Maybe you want to highlight a story from a customer. Put them at the top of the page. The possibilities are unlimited! Right underneath the COVER PHOTO is the "Business snippet" use this to tell about your page, web address, business address, etc. When it gets clicked, more information is available. I love all this information up front instead of the side bar. RICH APPLICATIONS-Use FB apps or custom apps. They can be moved around. 

  • Just like your personal page, you can now date your business page. When did you start your blog/business? Any milestones your want to highlight, you can do so now with the timeline. Once you have established a date you can back date any post  on your page or add new ones and date it however you want. FB wants you to use this as your web  page, your story, your history.

  • FB wants you to use the "Questions" function. It is still there so use it. Get to know your customers by using it. Find out what they want, who they are, what they drink & eat, how many kids they have, etc. Use this data to craft your post, find ads, etc.

  • Every page that you go to, with the new page installed has the "Friends" filter on the right side. That is your set of friends who LIKE the page. You can see who is cool and LIKES the page with you. Now this is a great way to build your page because people will see who also LIKES the page and hopefully they will use it to invite people to be cool like them and join your page! If you hover over each person you can see what groups they are in, etc.

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  1. This post was so helpful. I'm confused though where is the "questions" function ?


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