Cake Pops, Cake Balls and Pinterest Blog Hop

We are huge fans of cake pops and cake balls here! How about your family? What are some of your favorites?

Happy Saturday! Here are some of my favorite cake pops and cake balls recipes on my blog. 

1-Easter Egg Pops
2-Melt in your Mouth Cake Balls-baked
3-Snowman Melters-cake pops
4-Mardi Gras Bites
5-Lucky Leprechaun Bites
6-Fairy Bites
7-Cake Pops
8-Cookies & Cream/Oreo Cake Balls- no bake
9- Pinterest- click over and follow me for even more recipe ideas.

Bonus- Pretzel Dippers. Instead of using a cake pop stick, use a pretzel stick. Then everything is edible and no waste!

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