Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Melt in your mouth cake balls recipe

Ever heard of cake balls? Don't they look mouth watering? They really are! So easy to pop one, two or four in your mouth! A few months ago my 20 year old brother-in-law came for a visit with cake balls! I never knew that he cooked anything besides microwave popcorn.  So I jotted down the recipe and knew that I had to make these.
I've included tips that I learned from the first batch to make the second batch less stressful! These are not difficult to make but do take some time.  From start to finish they take at least 6 hours.  I suggest you bake one day and put the chocolate on the second day.

Cake Balls

1 boxed cake mix (I've used golden butter yellow and chocolate)
1 can of cream cheese frosting 
Other ingredients on box mix.
1 bar almond bark (chocolate or vanilla)
wax paper

1) Mix and bake cake in 11 X 13 cake pan according to box directions.

2) After about 10 minutes of cooling dump the cake in a large bowl. Use your hands or a knife to break up the cake into chunks so that it can begin cooling. 

3) After 1/2 hr dump in 1 of can of frosting. Mix around with hands or a spoon until the frosting is all mixed in.  Put mixture in the fridge, covered, until next day (or at least  2-3 hours). 

4) Roll mixture into quarter-sized balls and put on cookie sheet. Chill for several hours.  

5) When ready to dip, melt 1/4 of the chocolate in oven proof bowl, according to package instructions. 

6) Lay wax paper on a cookie sheet or on the counter where you are working.  Stick a toothpick in a cake ball and dip in the chocolate, quickly.  Use a spoon to help get the chocolate all over the cake ball.  Put on wax paper and keep on going! (You'll need to melt more chocolate as the chocolate cools and it gets low)

7) When chocolate dries, pull out toothpicks (you can leave them in for easy pickup for serving).

8) Put some of the chocolate in a baggie, snip tip and drizzle it on the balls. Use the chocolate to cover the toothpick hole and any spots that didn't get covered when you dipped them in the chocolate!

These will not last long. The teens and their friends have requested these several times! 

*variations- I've made 1) chocolate cake mix, cream cheese frosting with chocolate bark 2) golden butter yellow cake mix, cream cheese frosting with chocolate bark
* It has been suggested to try German Chocolate cake mix, pecan frosting and chocolate bark or Red Velvet cake mix, cream cheese frosting and white bark.  I think the confetti cake mix would be yummy, too!
*I haven't done it yet, but it would be really pretty to also decorate with white bark or use sprinkles while the chocolate is wet. 
*These would be really pretty in mini muffin liners, too!

Here are pictures of the different steps.  Feel free to ask me any questions that you might have. I hope you try these! They are so tasty!


Monica said...

oh my gosh those look delicious! Darn you.. I've only gained 10lbs so far during this pregnancy but I think if I start making these I might gain 20 more ('cause I'd eat all of them myself!)

These would be great for Holidays or parties. i'm glad you included the pics.

Thanks for sharing. Going to try these one day soon.

Jerri said...

YOurs look a whole lot better than mine did!

i used choc. cake and choc. frosting and melted choc. bark with andes mints and they were really good even if they looked bad!

I want to try lemon cake, lemon frosting, and white choc but like Monica I eat mine and it doesn't help me!

Susieqtpies said...

Thanks Ladies! Jerri the first batch was ugly but this batch turned out better. The key was to let the mash cool in the fridge then roll into balls and then cool again. They roll into nice balls when the mash is cold!

Marcy Zila said...

Love them...have a friend (a guy!) who makes them. My favorite kind is using cherry chip cake mix...with cherry frosting and dipping in the chocolate. They taste like a choc. covered cherry without the "squish" of the cherry!! AND you can really decorate them pretty! :)
a few seconds ago ·

@ramblin_red said...

susieqtpies friend makes those and they are so good. she does one with spice cake, tastes like chai!

Tree said...

These sound DELISH and seem very easy to make! My kiddos will love them!! :)

The Paisley Abbey said...

Those cake balls look insanely good!!!! I also love you blog background and bird cute!


Joy said...

They are mouth-watering! Thanks for linking up with Make It Fantabulous!

PinkPowerRangerMom said...

What yummy looking recipes! Thanks for visiting my blog.

helen said...

I think I'm going to try these for my Little One's 2nd birthday party, I think they will go down well with the little ones!

Rebecca said...

I ran across this in your archives today. I think I might have to make them redeem myself from the April Fools' prank I pulled...

carpediem5790 said...

ive been threatening to try making cakeballs for a long long time if i try urs i may be using a great recipe to startn with

Doodle741 said...

I have made cake pops/balls many times - MANY - but they never turn out looking as good as yours!

Is the chocolate back thinner (when it melts) than Wilton chips?


Sara (Doodle741)

DV said...

Absolutely delish! at more can a chocoholic ask for?

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