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This is part two of the review on Downlad N Go curriculum.  Click here to read, DAVY CROCKET Download N Go Review . 

The Whale Tales Unit Study is geared toward K-4th grade.  My 5th grader loved all the graphics and links.  They gave her an opportunity to explore more videos and educational material on the whales.  This curriculum does all the prep work for the teacher which saves a lot of time! The links were all safe sites for my daughter to freely explore.  We use the internet a lot for our homeschool.  We have safe blockers on our computer just in case a link takes us to a site that is inappropriate for children.  The safe blocker never popped up on any of the sites that the curriculum linked us to.  I love how these unit studies integrate History, Spelling, Geography, Vocabulary, Literature, Writing, Science and Art!

The unit is divided up into 5 days.  This allows you to study daily or over the time you need for the unit.  Once you download the unit it is yours to keep! There isn't anything else that needs to be purchased.

Day 1- What Is a Whale?
Day 2- Getting to Know Whales.
Day 3- Where Are the Whales?
Day 4- The Science of Whales.
Day 5- Cool Things About Whales

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Thanks to LitFuse for providing me opportunity to review the curriculum  with my homeschool daughter. The words and tasty opinions stated here are my own.

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