Explore the World Through Soccer with soccer player Ethan Zohn

Soccer World: Mexico: Explore the World Through Soccer
As a kid growing up in Indiana in the 70s-80s  I didn't hear much at all about soccer. I'm not even sure I knew what it was.  By the time I had children in the 90s, I knew what it was and my little 3 year old twins were playing the sport! I recently found out that "one of the earliest forms of soccer in which players kicked a ball around on a small field has been traced as far back to 1004 B.C. in Japan." Click to read more on the history of Soccer.

This brings me to the book, Soccer World Mexico: Explore the World Through Soccer by Ethan Zohn & David Rosenberg.  This book is an educational children's book that explores geography, history, science and the culture of Mexico.  The authors also have a book Soccer World South Africa.  What makes this book so awesome?  How about a soccer book written by a real-life soccer player?  Ethan Zohn is just that! He took his passion of soccer and connected the world into fun, educational teaching tools. Ethan's name was familiar to me but I couldn't remember why.  After doing a search, I realized he was the winner of Season 3 Survivor and was on Pitchmen with Billy Mays.  Ethan a cancer survivor and co-founder of Grassroot Soccer.
 Here is the description on the back cover:
Ethan continues his adventures around the world, this time meeting up with his young soccer-playing friend Gabriel in Mexico City as they explore the cultures and customs of our neighbors to the south.  From a walking tour of Mexico City to visits at ancient civilization ruins, an amazing once-in-a-lifetime butterfly migration sanctuary, and colorful Lucha Libre wrestling--Ethan and readers experience the real Mexico, away from the tourist traps and border towns.
Activities generated from each chapter are wide-ranging, including learning Spanish, science and math projects based on the Mayan cultures, creative projects borrowed from Mexican folk art and celebrations, and even simple recipes.  
As in all Soccer World adventures, readers have the opportunity to research a "give back" project in Mexico.  Through their efforts, kids can make a difference in the wonderful country. 

This book is labeled ages 6-9.  As a homeschool tool, I can see it used from Kindergarten through Sixth-grade.  Soccer is a game played in almost every nation that brings people together instantly with just one ball!  The book takes the reader on an adventure, exploring  the world of Mexico.  As the the main character, Ethan travels through the country with his soccer ball, meeting new friends, he leads the reader into learning about customs, culture, language, animals, recipes, geography, history, craft and science projects, music, environment, geology, currency and math, oceans and caves and of course, sports in Mexico!

The book is jammed packed with 45 pages of pure goodness! The graphic are outstanding with easy to read fonts.
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