Tuesday Top 5 must have Fashionable pieces to pack on a quick weekend Trip

This is such a relevant topic because I'm doing just that for the weekend! I'm taking a quick road trip with my teens and we are getting packed and ready to go!

Here are our top 5 must have fashionable pieces for our weekend trip!
#1 Shades, shades and shall we say more shades! A girl can not leave the house with out a handful of shades. 
 #2 Shoes, shoes and yes, more shoes! We will need comfy, fashionable shoes while we talk in and out of Outlet stores. Mom needs her Birkenstocks and the teens need their flip-flops.
#3 Pucker up lipstick and lip gloss- I can't believe this is getting listed as #3 for me but lipstick and lip gloss. I don't go any where without it! It is my #1 never-leave-home-without-it item.  I love that you can count on your favorite brands supplying your gloss with SPF to protect your lips!
#4 Scarf - I love my fun, fashionable scarves! You can do a head wrap to protect your hair-do in the sun and wind or you can use it to dress up a plain t-shirt.
#5 Purses and bags- For me the purse and  the hand bag are all about fashion, too! No way can you take a quick weekend trip and not plan on bringing a few fashionable purses and bags. You need to look good when shopping and your  purse needs to be mulit-functional.

How about you? What are your TOP 5 must have fashionable pieces to  pack for a quick weekend trip?

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  1. I agree those are great items to pack. Always need a big purse to tote it all around in.


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