Top 5 Family Fun Vacation Ideas

Today is my Tuesday Top 5 Family Fun Vacation Ideas!!!  

1) Local Museum- When was the last time you took your kids to a local museum? Pick one that you haven't been to in awhile and go visit! It is amazing how something old becomes something new and fun, again! Besides that, most museums have activities for all ages. Activities and events at one Museum the kids did at age 4 will seem like brand new when they are age 8! The first time we went to this museum the kids couldn't climb the rock wall. On the return visit, years later, they were scaling the wall like professionals!
2) Renaissance Festivals/Faires- These are a family must!! They are so much fun! Most of them are free, too! They have cool activities, shows, live demonstrations, jousting activities, yummy food, candle making and more! Click here: Renaissance Faires to find one of over 180 listed all throughout the USA!
3) Local Sporting Event-Spring and summer are the times to hit local baseball games!  If you don't have a team in your City then find one near you! You can make a day trip or a fun over night trip out of it! We love the Minor League teams!  They play in smaller parks and are cheaper on the pocket book, too!  Go visit Minor League Baseball to find a team near you! I love this site! They have a "Road Trip" helper to help you plan your summer vacation! You can also find out about "Tuesday Night Tickets" where you can buy one ticket and get one free!!!  Don't think that just boys want to see a baseball game! My girls have great memories from several different minor league games that they have attended!
4) Visit Old Folks- Take the kids on a road trip to visit an older relative! This can be Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Cousin, etc.  Old folks love it when the young come and visit! Make a day trip out of it.  Take them all out to dinner. Good times for all! Don't forget your camera on this vacation trip! You will want to follow up on the person you visited.  Best thing to do is send them snap shots of your time together!
5) Local Town Fairs- Some of our best memories come from stopping in at local fairs. Small towns know how to a do the fair!  One of the fairs we found had a pie eating and hula hoop contest!  How fun! Check out The Weather Channel link for a great search tool that they offer to help you find one! I love this one because they offer the expected weather of where you are going! Check out County Fairs and Festivals link, too!
Do you have any Family Fun Vacation ideas? Leave a comment below! Check out Manilla, too! It is a one stop place to get all your finances & travel reward programs organized.

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  1. Cool! I love small country fairs. They have the best crafts and food. Love the pie contest! Very cute.

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