Friday Blog Hops and Giveaways!

Hi Friday Blog Hoppers and other Peeps who are stoppin' in today!  I hope that you are having a great day!

 I love the Friday Book Blog Hop! Great place to find some great book reviews and giveaways and meet up with some of the nicest bloggers around! If you are here from the Book Hop make sure you leave a comment and friend me! I follow and visit back!
AND The trendy Tree house!!! That place is awesome! I can't wait to spend more time there today and the other sites that are linked in!!!! If you stop in from the tree house please let me know! I want to see where you are all coming from and new followers so that I can follow back!
The Girl Creative
Newest hop for me is New Friend Friday! I can't wait to meet some  new friends!! Totally new group for me! So it you are new here from that Hop please let me know!!  Follow me and I follow back! 
Friday Follow
The other blog hop is the Friday Blog hop! This week they have a special Mother's Day Giveaway! Thanks for stopping in from that hop! Leave a comment and become a new follower! Leave a message on all the ways you are following me! I follow back! 

While you are here I have 3 giveaways to feature. I have more giveaways to go up! IF YOU ENTER one of these Three giveaways Friday-Sunday give your self 5 EXTRA BLOG HOP ENTRIES (leave that in the comments)
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