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Husband and Wife: A NovelMY TAKE ON THE BOOK: (Giveaway at the end of post)
Ever wonder what happens when a writer marries a poet? Are you married to a writer? Do you wonder what it would be like to be married to one? What if he publish a fiction book about marriage infidelity and you read it and wonder how he knows so much on this subject? Writers do research, right? Are you curious to know?  If so, this book is for you!
I loved reading this book about about a husband and a wife. It is fascinating to read about the workings of marriage from when life is good all the way to when things are going, not so good.  When things go bad in a relationship and betrayal has occurred and it is out in the open, the couple goes through the steps of grief as if someone died.  The author delivered the steps and the message.  Now it is your turn to read and see what happened between a husband and a wife, an author and a poet!

In this new novel by the celebrated author of The Myth of You and Me, a young mother discovers that her husband's novel about infidelity might be drawn from real life.
Sarah Price is thirty-five years old. She doesn't feel as though she's getting older, but there are some noticeable changes: a hangover after two beers, the stray gray hair, and, most of all, she's called “Mom” by two small children. Always responsible, Sarah traded her MFA for a steady job, which allows her husband, Nathan, to write fiction. But Sarah is happy and she believes Nathan is too, until a truth is revealed: Nathan's upcoming novel, Infidelity, is based in fact.
Suddenly Sarah's world is turned upside down. Adding to her confusion, Nathan abdicates responsibility for the fate of their relationship and of his novel's publication—a financial lifesaver they have been depending upon—leaving both in Sarah's hands. Reeling from his betrayal, she is plagued by dark questions. How well does she really know Nathan? And, more important, how well does she know herself?
For answers, Sarah looks back to her artistic twenty-something self to try to understand what happened to her dreams. When did it all seem to change? Pushed from her complacent plateau, Sarah begins to act—for the first time not so responsibly—on all the things she has let go of for so long: her blank computer screen; her best friend, Helen; the volumes of Proust on her bookshelf. And then there is that e-mail in her inbox: a note from Rajiv, a beautiful man from her past who once tempted her to stray. The struggle to find which version of herself is the essential one—artist, wife, or mother—takes Sarah hundreds of miles away from her marriage on a surprising journey.
Wise, funny, and sharply drawn, Leah Stewart's Husband and Wife probes our deepest relationships, the promises we make and break, and the consequences they hold for our lives, revealing that it's never too late to step back and start over.
Read more about the author, Leah Stewart. Leah Stewart is the author of the novels The Myth of You and Me and Body of a Girl. A recipient of a 2010 NEA Literature Fellowship, she has taught at Vanderbilt University; Sewanee, the University of the South; and Murray State University, where she was the Watkins Endowed Professor of Creative Writing. She currently teaches creative writing at the University of Cincinnati and lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband and their two young children.

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