A Saint for All Reasons pocket bible review and giveaway

A Saint For All Reasons: A Pocket Bible of 100 Saints for Every SituationA SAINT FOR ALL REASONS: Your Spiritual 4-1-1  

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05.05.2010 – How many times a day do you find yourself asking for help? And how many times is your need for assistance beyond the call of your friends? Be honest, because most of us hit that wretched roadblock several times a day. The next time you feel stuck, pick up
A SAINT FOR ALL REASONS: A POCKET BIBLE OF 100 SAINTS FOR EVERY SITUATION (QNY, a part of the Langenscheidt Publishing Group; $13.99; ISBN: 9780843713817; Trim Size: 4 1/4” x 7”; Format: Trade Paperback; Pub Month: MAY 2010).
Comprehensive and compact, A SAINT FOR ALL REASONS connects spirituality with everyday life, offering a direct link to those who can help you out of any situation.

Always Have a Friend On Call
No matter what your dilemma, whether it is as simple as losing your car keys or as difficult as a death in the family, A SAINT FOR ALL REASONS holds an inexhaustible supply of inspirational figures offering up strength and guidance. Jam-packed with historical backgrounds, prayers, offerings and rituals, A SAINT FOR ALL REASONS features 100 different saints recognized in the Eastern and Western churches (particularly the Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran churches) and those who have been designated “blessed” or “venerable” in those traditions. Representing contemporary categories that are relevant to modern day life, A SAINT FOR ALL REASONS offers up saints that are prepared to help you out in just about every situation, such as:
*Can’t find the remote, but the Yankee game starts in 5 minutes?
Pray to Clare of Assisi!

*Don’t have a date this weekend?
Pray to Saint Augustine!

*Does your car break down more often than you brush your teeth?
Pray to Saint Christopher!

*The boss wants you to move mountains before work!
Pray to Alphonsus of Liguori!

Quickly Tap Into the Blessings of Saints
A first-aid manual to spiritual guidance, A SAINT FOR ALL REASONS is practical and easy-to-use. Grouped into chapters according to common themes, each saint can also be sought by name or subject using the comprehensive indexes at the back of the book. Whether it’s a material or spiritual crisis, there is an appropriate saint to guide you in your moment of distress or indecision. Categories include:
• Home and Family
• Love and Longing
• Work and Weariness
• Travel and Transport
• Technology and Today
• Health and Happiness
• Calm and Consolation

Best of all, A SAINT FOR ALL REASONS is available in a portable, handy format. The perfect size for your briefcase, glove box or handbag, its bright purple color ensures you’ll never lose it—even in the mess of your car’s backseat or overflowing purse! And if you feel a certain affinity for a specific saint, just visit www.desktopsaints.com (username and password provided upon purchase of the book) to download your favorite spiritual leader straight to your computer or cell phone. In the car, subway, train or plane, you will feel spiritually guided just by carrying your laptop or phone.

Quirky yet inspiring, there is no obstacle too great for A SAINT FOR ALL REASONS. Whether you’re afraid of flying, looking to spice up your love life or just wondering how to get through the day…there’s a saint for that!

I'm not someone who would normally go to a Saint in times of need or distress.  I was curious about this book and so happy that I got the chance to review it.  I've never read a book dedicated to the Saints.  I was so impressed with the detailed history given on each Saint.  For example, Gregory The Great, patron of music. He was pope from 590-603 and founded several  monasteries.  His patronage of music arises from his collection of chants, known as Gregorian chants.  I'm very familiar with Gregorian chant but never gave it much thought as to its origin.  Each Saint is also listed with a ritual and  prayer. 
Did you know that there is a saint for housework, single women and even electricity.  The book includes a Saint for every day of the year. The book also includes a special user name and password to allow you into the online site, Desktop Saints. This allows you to get the graphics of the saints for your computer and cell phone. I love book like this that include interaction with technology.  I give this book a thumbs up! Yes, it might be "quirky" but it is very educational. 

About the Author
Tim Muldoon is a Catholic theologian, writer and retreat leader currently teaching in the Honors Program at Boston College, where he also serves in the Office of University Mission and Ministry. He is the author of Longing to Love: A Memoir of Desire, Relationships and Spiritual Transformation (2010) and The Ignatian Workout: Daily Spiritual Exercises for a Healthy Faith (2004).
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Thanks to Langenscheidt Publishing Group for the book to review and one to giveaway. The MY TAKE ON THE BOOK are of my own tasty words and opinions. This PR opportunity came to me via The Product Review Place.


  1. I had to go look him up but the one saint I remembered was St. Francis of Assisi. I am going to work at an Episcopal Day School next year and they do the animal blessing so he came to mind.

    As for the book I wouldn't mind reading:
    "Nature Art and Structure" I would love to go to Utah and see that park.

    i think I am finally following your blog. I clicked something that said I was following. I thought I had already done that!



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