Need creative and affordable Vacation ideas? Here are my Top 10

Here are Top 10 creative and affordable vacation idea for your spring and summer family plans. Make plans and save money to get your family out in the sun! 

So have you planned out your summer vacation travels? We have a lot going on this summer and so we've had to think ahead and get some extra cash for our events. Here are some of my tips on getting extra cash for your trip and also tips on how to make your trip more affordable!

1- Yard Sale- This is the quickest way to get some cash for a trip! Take one week of having the children go through their room and pick out toys to give for the sale.  Go through clothes and pick out the clothes no longer needed.  Price your things to sell! My friend made a lot of money at her last sale because she was taking donations.  Instead of set prices she took what people offered! If someone offered too low she would tell them her suggested price. Most of the time they gladly paid!
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 2-Yard Sales- Hit local yard sales to find the items you are needing for your trip! Great place to pick up camping gear and swim toys.  Planning a "staycation" this year? Hit yard sales for new items for your kids to play with all summer.
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3-Rent a car- Instead of adding extra miles to your vehicle, rent one!  Check out Alamo for some great prices on car rentals. They have Hot deals and last minute specials!

4-All Inclusive Packages- Wherever you are going check and see if they have all inclusive packages. Check online or with your local travel agent for deals.

5- Travel by car- Car traveling is a lot of fun! Include your kids in the planning process. Get out road maps, search online or use AAA FREE Free TripTik® Routings  or FREE TourBook® Guides. 
They will help you plan your trip, find fun stops (like the largest ball of twine) and even offer discounts!
 6- Stock pile- Stock up on goodies for your trip with online coupons, store coupons and sales.  Buy products at home like batteries, sunscreen, bathing suits, sunglasses, deodorant, bug spray, etc.  If not, these items can take a huge bite out of your traveling budget! 

7-Staycation- Plan day trips in your own area! These can be the cheapest of all trips.  Fan local groups on Facebook or join their mailing list.  Watch for specials that are announced for locals.  Our movie theater had free afternoon movie if you brought in can goods for the local food pantry. 

8- Volunteer- Become a volunteer at local parks.  They offer free tickets or discounts to their volunteers.

9- Frequent Flyer miles- Do you have them but have no clue what they do? This is the time to get on the phone and find out! Most people have enough points for free flights or discounted flights.  Use those points! Southwest has a special on getting rewards faster which this one includes a free flight right away.
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10-Family swap- You heard it right! Pair up with another family in your community and find out when one another will be gone.  Ask for them to house sit, mow lawn, get mail, pet sit and even kid sit and in turn do the same for them! This will save A LOT of money for your vacation.

Whatever you do make the most of your time together! Don't forget to take pictures, too!

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