Zurker lurker? Want to check it out with me?

Ok folks, I've heard the Zurker buzz that is going around and I jumped on the train today. I signed up. Apparently Zurker is a new "Facebook" like social media community where members actually own the site and have their say in how it runs. Apparently we are given and earn shares to own your piece of the company.

I'm going to be a Zurker lurker and check it out. Want to lurk with me? If so click ZURKER and join. It is free so it is worth checking out. 

It took me forever to get on Google+. I have an account but not doing much with it. I do post my blog updates there. I have a lot of time invested in Facebook so I don't have a whole lot of extra time to give to yet another new social media outlet BUT I don't like not being in the know. So if you are a tad bit curious, check it out with me! Apparently if you follow my link, HERE, when you log on you will see me! Come hold my hand and lurk with me. 
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