How can your family go Green?

For some reason my mind always wanders to Kermit the frog when I hear someone say that they are going green. Please don't think I'm mocking you if you are the one going green. It is just a childhood mental picture of the cute frog singing and dancing. That image can be used to help us get "more green" as people are saying today. We should be happy, singing, and dancing to take care of what we have been given. I do see nature as a gift from God for me to enjoy.

My family knows that God has given us this planet as a gift. As with any gift or privilege it can be used for good or neglected and no longer holding a value. In our family we love the outdoors. I take pictures of nature all the time. It is a blessing to have such natural colors and objects at our finger tips. I always tell me girls that if you want to know what colors look good together then look to nature. The color palette is perfect.

Last time I was out taking fall photos of my girls we discovered trash. Now, this is not a new thing to find on the ground. I find myself taking pictures of the trash we find. It is ugly and not natural. The colors do not fit in.
This is not a natural part of nature so we pick it up and toss it out. Trash is our human contribution and we need to stop letting it happen. It is ugly and not a gift. Picking up trash that you see can become a habit. If you see trash pick it up. Sooner than later it will become a habit.
All my girls have learned in Girl Scouts that you should leave the place you were in better than when you found it. So picking up trash is just something we do.

IF each family concentrated on a ''green'' task, together we would make the world a better green place to live.

Our Green Living tips

1) Realize that nature is a beautiful Gift. A gift is to be used and respected.
2) Take care of that gift, don't neglect it and remove what doesn't belong.
3) Enjoy and use the outdoors. No matter where you are or what you are doing leave it in better condition than when you found it.

Thanks to Beth at Airwear and TwitterMoms for teaming up to find out what are our families Top Three Green-Living Tips. Go check out LighterSaferGreener.com. Airwear is Lighter, Safer, Greener. I love what this company stands for. Eyes glasses are so important to me. I wouldn't be able to take nature photos without them. I can't wait to give these "green" lens a try!

You too can check them out. You can share just as I did what your family is doing to make the world a greener place. The contest winner will get Airwear for the entire family. Good Luck and thanks for doing your part.

When Tweeting about the contest, please use #Airwear.

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