What is your Black Friday plan of attack this year?

Every year I say that I'm not going shopping on Black Friday yet I find myself going through every single sale add and putting aside the ones that have items that I "need" or "want" at the right price. 

I have never camped out like this on Black Friday.  My Brother-in-laws did for several years at Best Buy.  They would bring a generator to run their TV and XBox.  I have though gotten up to be at the store at 4 a.m.

My Black Friday plan of attack this year is to do the same as every year.  I will sit down and go through every single ad hoping that I am tempted to go to the stores on Black Friday.  No one ever goes with me.  I'm wondering this year if I asked one of my teens, the shopper, if she would actually get up and go with me.  I feel that this is a tradition that I must pass on to my daughters! I think I will not ask her but if she ask I'll let her go along.   I determine what time I will leave by what time the store will be open.  Some stores have certain items on sale during different parts of the day.  So I've been known to go back to a store several times, if needed.

I love going through all the ads pulling aside the ones that have items of interest.  These are the stores that I go to every year on Black Friday: Target, Meijer, and Michaels Arts & Crafts.  These are my three favorite Black Friday Stores.  Amongst other items, Target always has a great assortment of DVD's on sale!  We love watching movies so I try and get in there and nab the movies of interest.

If you've never gone shopping on Black Friday I recommend that you do it at least once! It is wild to see all the action in your favorite stores!  So my question to you is "what is your black friday plan of attack?"

Go to and read the contest rules on What is your Black Friday plan of attack this year? You could win a $75 Target gift card for blogging!!!  G'luck shopping on Black Friday! Think of me and I"ll think of you!  Just don't be in the same store going after the same item when there is just one left... cause their might be a black friday showdown! Oh and Merry Christmas!
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