What was the most surprising gift you've ever received?

When I was in my last year of college I was dating/engaged to my future husband.  At that time I wore two different colognes.  I'm assuming I did this depending on my mood.  So the term your scent defines you is very real.  I had this very expensive bottle a cologne that I would wear going out to parties and with my old boyfriends. I didn't realize it at the time but the other cologne, also expensive but calming,  I would wear going to church and hanging out with my future husband.

white shoulders cologne
Our first Christmas together my future husband, to my surprise, gave me a new bottle of cologne.  Guess what kind he gave me? It was the cologne that I wore to church! He claimed that smell and from then on that has been the only cologne that I wear.  I believe that I threw the other one out!

We've been married 16 years.  Whenever my cologne runs low who do you think still buys it for me?  Yes, my husband! I really think this scent sealed our deal! It really is funny because I've only bought that cologne one time and that was before I even met him.  In college I went home with my roommate for a holiday.  Her mother was wearing this cologne. I loved her mom! Her home made me feel at home.  I bought that cologne to hold on to something special.  So fun to see how it has followed me through dating, engagement, marriage, many moves, children and many many years of marriage!

I want to  hear about your most surprising, interesting, sentimental or creative gift you’ve ever received! Share with me below!
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