Henry and the Crazed Chicken Pirates Book Review and Giveaway

I'm so excited to bring to you a book review on Henry & the Crazed Chicken Pirates by Carolyn Crimi. Thanks to Blue Slip Media for donating books for the Tweet For Literacy #Tweet4Lit campaign we have running through the month of November. Click here to get details and enter the giveaway!

HENRY & THE CRAZED CHICKEN PIRATES is the silly follow-up to HENRY & THE BUCCANEER BUNNIES (2005). Henry is a bookish bunny surrounded by a crew of fun-loving (and lazy) pirate bunnies. When he discovers a threatening message in a bottle, he tries to warn everyone, but they think he's wasting his time. Will his plan to rescue his fellow bunnies work? This is a great story for very young readers, with lots of pirate words and silly fun.

My take on the book- I love all the illustrations done by John Manders.  The illustrations do an outstanding job telling the story.  My favorite illustrations are on the page where the crazed chicken pirates get sent out to sea in a small, crowded boat.  Thoughtful Henry gives them books on "50 Ways to Cook Coconut", "Survival at Sea" and "Seawater:  It's not for drinking".  The story is very clever.  Where Henry lacks courage he had ten fold in knowledge.  He has a book for everything... if not then he write it!

You can purchase the book anywhere books are sold. If they don't have it just ask and they will order it for you!

Here are a few things about the author that I got from her website! I have to share! They made me chuckle! She has a hobbies and interest in dieting, worrying, obsessing, e-mailing, taking pictures that turn out poorly. Likes unfrosted Blueberry Poptarts and Venti-skim-lattes. She dislikes tail-gaters, horn-honkers, people who don't like her books and critics (unless, of course, they like her books)

Go check out Carolyn Crimi! She has written some funny books! 

Prize Package Three
Winner to be chosen Thursday, November 12, 2009, at 6pm CT. Total value of Prize Package Three is $109.

1) Henry & the Crazed Chicken Pirates by Carolyn Crimi and John Manders for ages 4 to 8. ($15.99 value) This is the sequel to Henry & the Buccaneer Bunnies. Donated by Blue Slip Media.

2) Aurora of the Northern Lights by Holly Hardin (autographed -- an $18.95 value), the delightful Yuletide-themed picture book by one of our Tweet for Literacy sponsors. Donated by the author.

3) The Crypto-Capers: The Case of the Missing Sock (autographed) by Renee Hand ($12.95 value). Readers help the detectives solve the case by figuring out puzzles! For ages 9-12. Donated by the author.

4) Capital Mysteries #3: The Skeleton in the Smithsonian [A Stepping
Stone Book(TM)] by Ron Roy, for ages 9-12 (Value $3.99). Donated by Tweet for Literacy sponsor April Pohren.

5) Truth or Dare (autographed), Book 1 from the Scenarios for Girls interactive series by Nicole O’Dell. For ages 10-15. ($7.97 Value) Donated by the author, one of our Tweet for Literacy sponsors.

6) 1 set of SnapWords™  List A Teaching Cards by Child1st ($23.95 value). These are the most popular SnapWords™ product and are excellent foundational help for kids who are just learning to read. Donated by Child1st Publications, LLC.

7) Lighting Their Fires: Raising Extraordinary Children in a Mixed-up, Muddled-up, Shook-up World by Rafe Esquith ($24.95 value). Donated by FSB Associates.

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