All I want for Christmas bedroom makeover

All I want for Christmas is a Bedroom Makeover for my almost 11 year old daughter! She has a really nice sized bedroom with a loft bed. Her problem is that the room is too white and too old looking. This is our 3rd year living here in this house. Her room is on the bottom of the list of changes we make each year.

Emily is a dreamer and a reader. She loves being in her bedroom but it lacks in creativity and personalization. Some day I want to give her a fun, tween bedroom to relax in and hang out with friends!

Here is her room!

Look at this border and wallpaper! I'm really not sure why someone would choose such a border for their room. This bedroom was used as the previous owners "tanning bed" room. They took the tanning bed when we moved in, thank goodness! On the right side of the room, the wall has an orangish tint from where the tanning bed sat. It is creepy gross!

When you go to enter her room you can see where she painted on a chalkboard to try and personalize her room. She chose those 3 bright colors and that is the color scheme I really want to change her room too!
When you open the door you see her huge loft bed. We put it along the right wall to cover up the orange tanning bed wall. I love the molding around her door frames. She has added her touch by placing little items up there.

So her room lacks FUN! I"m going to write a letter to Santa to let him know that as her mom this is the bedroom makeover that I want for Christmas....Dearest Santa
I am getting so excited for your visit to our lil' town. Every year you ask me what I want for Christmas but I never give you my wishes. I have the best husband and best 3 girls and feel very blessed with what I already have.

This year I'm sending you my list. This list is what I
want so that I can give Emily a bedroom makeover. She doesn't know about this so please keep it quiet! I want to wake up her old boring bedroom and give her a huge splash of color.

Please Santa go to
Vision Bedding and check out my wish list. I want to get her the some Groovy Wall Stickers , Tropical Diva bedspread, and Colorful Retro Pop Wall Art.

Thank you so much for your help in making my Christmas special by helping me give Emily a fun, creative and personalized bedroom where she can go to relax
and feel inspired.

Oh and Santa.... remember the fudge that I leave you every year? I promise to leave you more of it this year. If you leave your address I'll send you some each month! Bye Santa! Love, Susie Q (Emily's Mom)


Thanks to TwitterMoms and Vision Bedding for the contest opportunity for the Bedroom Makeover. The most compelling/creative blog post judged by the experts at VisionBedding.com will win a do-it-yourself custom bedroom makeover valued at $1,000! You can choose a custom bedspread or duvet cover (twin or full/queen), pillows (2), blanket, wall mural and wall art sticker. A great new me-space for some much needed me-time!


  1. good luck with your entry.Was passing through and thought id say hi!

  2. That company is so cool! Thanks for posting and good luck.


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