Current top 5 Favorite Holiday Activities to do with my Kids?

I love the Holidays! It is the time of the year we do special traditions. Each year or as the girls have grown into different stages we find our traditions and or activities changing a bit.  The activities also change according to where we are living.

Here is my top five list of favorite Holiday Activities we are doing this year:

1) Decorating our home for Christmas starting on Sunday after Thanksgiving.  I love to get out all our boxes and take a few days to decorate!  The girls go through and recall different ornaments and decorations,etc. It is a great time to think of the past!

2) Each year I buy a special ornament for the girls.  Over the years I would buy ornaments that were things they were into.  For example, all the girls have a speicific Harry Potter ornament from the first year the movie was released. One  year someone got a basketball ornament, someone a soccer ball and someone else a rocking horse!

3) We love going to Church together during this Advent Season. So that is our Wednesday night tradition. We love the calmness of the Church and the beautiful trees, decorations and flowers that are placed just for this season.

4) We have a huge Family & Friends Chiristmas Open house every December. This year it is set for Dec. 20th.  So my girls and I  plan out what goodies we are going to make this year.  This year each one of them will be in charge of picking one item and they are going to learn how to make it.  This is so much fun! From planning, making and eating!

5) Music is a very big part of this holiday!  We get out all our Christmas CD's and this year mp3's and play the music as often as we can.  We also go sing Christmas Caroles' for nursing homes and older members of our church.  One daughter will be in 3 Christmas concerts this season too.  We will also perform together in the Church Chime Choir too!


  1. We too love to do the ornaments every year. In the end, once they are grown and ready to move away they will have their own collection of memories and ornaments.

    Decorating is a ton of fun and I can't wait to start doing it this year.

    I've never done' the open house thing but I'd love to do it one year.

  2. YES that is why we do it too! I have each girls wrapped up in their own boxes/containers! They are always so eager to get to their box! All fun!

    Try the open house! It is fun!

  3. We let each of the girls (with lots of help sometimes), make and decorate their own Christmas Tree decorations. We also string popcorn garland. Then it is cookie baking time ..have to have cookies for Santa! :)

  4. That is a nice idea to do an open house.


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