Literacy and Ghostline: A Review

Thanks to Ghostline for asking me to review some of their new product line with our Homeschool. 

Ghostline is celebrating their 13th year Birthday with a contest to give-a-way $500 worth of Carolina Pad Products to 13 classrooms!  I personally love the fun colors and products of Carolina Pad.  When I was asked to do Ghostline I had no clue what their products were until I checked out their site.

Here are the Ghostline products that I got to review: 

  • 22 x 28 Foam GL Display board (folds to 22 x 14) – SRP $5.99
  • 14 x 33 GL Project Board (folds to 14 x 11) – SRP $3.55
  • 14 x 22 GL Poster Board, 3 pack – SRP $1.99
  • GL Make a Poster Kit – SRP $5.99
 My girls all chose to make a poster on a subject of their choice.  They found that the very light lines on the poster board were great to help them keep their work straight. This month I am blogging about promoting Literacy. I believe a product like Ghostline is great in promoting Literacy.  Have your students make a poster on something they are studying.  This will give  them practice at spelling, reading, copying, sequencing, letter/number formation,etc.  It also gives them a chance to be creative.  What  a super way  for them to show off something they learned buy putting it on a poster.  You can also use this poster for them to do an oral presentation of what they learned.  I feel that a strong part of learning is being able to share it with someone else. You can also hang up the posters for others to see.

I loved the Music poster.  The Ghostlines were great for making straight lines of the musical staff. 

One girl wanted to make a poster board of some of the multiplication facts she kept forgetting.  She used the stencils provided in the Make a Poster Kit to do her numbers.  She did great for a 10 year old.  The lines on the board did help her.


The monkey board used the Ghostlines to draw the monkeys and do the lettering. I thought that this was a creative way for her to show what she was learning in biology. 

Last but not least one of the girls had to make a graph for math.   The boxes made it very easy to do! She actually had fun making the graph. 

Thanks Ghostline! This was a fun review.  I can't wait to use more of the products you sent to my school.
Don't forget to visit Ghostline and enter the Happy 13th Birthday Contest Give-a-way!
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