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SnapWords™ List A Teaching Cards include 59 word cards sized 4.25 by 5.5 inches. The set is best used to teach sight words to a group or class. The cards are very effective with children who are unable to decode, are stuck in the decoding process, or have difficulty remembering words. Sample activities and games to play with SnapWords™ are available on Child1st's blog.
The SnapWords™ cards embed meaningful images into 
words most commonly found in children's texts (sight words). They include a combination of Dolch words and the Fountas & Pinnell 100 frequently recurring words. Multisensory sight words enable all children to learn to read more easily, including visual learners, and other right brain learners, those labeled with dyslexia, autism, Asperger's, ADD, and those who struggle with reading comprehension. CFP's products are also highly effective in teaching beginning readers, building a strong foundation for learning from the very start. The front of each card acts as a powerful aid in reading comprehension, as it shows the child the meaning of the word through an embedded image, rather than just telling the child what the word says. Visual learners snap a mental picture of the stylized word which stays with them as they encounter the plain word in text later on, continuing to lend meaning to the word. The back of each card contains plain text with a sample sentence to say and motion to do while learning the word. The sentence teaches correct usage of the word, while the motion helps the kinesthetic child store the knowledge and then later retrieve it.
Child1st Publications is an educational publisher that produces reading and math materials to help those who struggle with traditional methods of teaching, and to provide a strong learning foundation for those who would naturally succeed in traditional methods of education. We've designed our products to integrate explicit phonics instruction with specific strategies (visuals, movement, storytelling, humor, rhyme, and patterns) to engage children with a variety of learning strengths.

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