Tweet For Literacy Grand Prize

Tuesday December 1st is the end of the Tweet For Literacy Twitter Campaign!  It has truly been rewarding! I've met a lot of new tweeters and got introduced to new authors, publisher and book bloggers, too!  I've become tweet pals with @LindaThieman, author and developer behind the Tweet For Literacy project!

1ST-Tuesday night 5-6 pm CST we will have a few more winners! The Tweet For Literacy Twitter party we will randomly pick one winner who is tweeting that hour to win one of 6 prizes.

Party Giveaway Schedule

5:00 pm 1) Book by Sheri Kaye Hoff
Keys to Living Joyfully

5:10 pm 2) Book by Nicole O'Dell
Truth or Dare, interactive fiction for girls ages 10-15

5:20 pm 3) NOW WHAT? by Patch Games $19.99

5:30 pm 4) Book by Sheri Kaye Hoff
Keys to Living Joyfully

5:40 pm 5) Book by Nicole O'Dell
All That Glitters, interactive fiction for girls ages 10-15

5:50 pm 6) BUZZ WORDS Jr by Patch Games $19.99

6:00 pm Grand Prize Package (chosen from all hashtags tweeters since 1st day of our campaign)
Winner to be chosen Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 6pm CT. Total value of Grand Prize Package is $700.

Part 1 of Grand Prize

1) Keys to Living Joyfully (autographed) and the Keys to Living Joyfully Telesummit mp3 recording
plus a one-hour live coaching session by Life Coach and author Sheri Kaye Hoff ($500 value). Donated by the author, one of our Tweet for Literacy sponsors.

2) 2 codes for e-books at the iTunes App Store from PicPocket Books (combined value up to $7.98). These picture book apps are downloaded to an iPhone or an iPod Touch. For children 2 to 8. Donated by PicPocket Books.

3) Aurora of the Northern Lights by Holly Hardin (autographed -- an $18.95 value), the delightful Christmas-themed picture book by one of our Tweet for Literacy sponsors. Donated by the author.

4) The Katie & Kimble chapter book series by Linda Thieman, for ages 6 to 10. Lexile® measures: 280L and 290L. This set includes Katie & Kimble: A Ghost Story and Katie & Kimble: The Magic Wish. These are stories of love and healing, and are not scary! Donated and autographed by the author, one of our Tweet for Literacy sponsors. (Value: $11.90 per set)

5) Rose in Bloom by Louisa May Alcott. (Value: $5.99) For ages 10 and up. Donated by Tweet for Literacy sponsor Linda Thieman.

6) Vocabu-Lit: Building Vocabulary through Literature, Book C by Perfection Learning. 3rd grade. Value: $9.95. Donated by Tweet for Literacy sponsor Linda Thieman.

7) Life: Be There at Ten ‘til by Dean Johnson ($9.95 value). Words of wisdom for Mom and Dad. Donated by Tweet for Literacy sponsor Linda Thieman.

8) Close Encounters of the Third-grade Kind: Thoughts on Teacherhood by Phillip Done ($22.99 value). Donated by Hachette Book Group.

Part 2 of Grand Prize

The second part of the Grand Prize is a giveaway of a different sort. One elementary school will receive a classroom set (10 each) of both of the Katie & Kimble books: Katie & Kimble: A Ghost Story and Katie & Kimble: The Magic Wish (a $119 value). These books are being donated by author and Tweet for Literacy sponsor, Linda Thieman. Their Lexile(R) measures are 280L and 290L, and on the Katie & Kimble blog, there are free, downloadable classroom (and homeschooling) materials to make life easier for teachers and parents while helping children learn to read. Linda is a former English teacher with experience in materials development. The Activity Packets that she has created meet the national standards for 3rd Grade reading and language skills.

The winner of the Grand Prize will select which elementary school is to be the recipient of the Katie & Kimble book package. Yes, the winner of the Grand Prize gets to pay it forward! We thought that would be fun and fulfilling!

RULES STILL APPLY! New and old twitters for the Party must follow them!  Click here TWEET FOR LITERACY to read rules!


  1. Looking forward to tonight.You all are doing a great service and i believe in what you do.

  2. Hi Ive been tweeting Tweet4lit for some time now..I love books and believe everyone should as books teach you and take your imagination on adventures.I will help anyone to learn how to read,so they dont miss out either:) Id be lost without books-scary thought! Kathryn20000
    bingo1575 at comcast dot net
    ok its almost time!! good luck to all:)


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