CONNECT 4 Launchers game review from HASBRO

Are you ready for the fast-flying, frantic action of Connect 4 Launchers? This revamped version of Connect 4 is sure to keep everyone in the family engaged and entertained for hours of out-of-your-seat fun.
Grab your launcher, aim for the two-tiered horizontal game unit and try to strategically land checkers in the top or bottom tray. Try to be the first player to get four-in-a-row horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Complete with three games in one – Basic Frantic Launch, Championship Frantic Launch and Advanced Power Launch – the fun is nonstop for players of all levels!
Crazy Gamers Review 

We play some really fun games with our Crazy Gamer group (Click our group to see other game reviews.) This review comes from a HASBRO game which is a play off the original Connect 4. I grew up playing Connect 4 and loved it as a kid so I was excited to get this game to review with our group.

This is a two player game for ages 5 and up. The game can be played with two on a team but it isn't easy to do. There is a launcher that is used to get your checker to the lower or upper level. If you are sharing it with a team mate, you must keep passing it back and forth. As for the age 5 and up that really has to do with being able to get the checker on the launcher and then coordinating it onto the two levels of the board. The age is right on.
This is a very fast paced game. Once you use up all your checkers the game is over or when someone gets "Connect 4". We were always able to get a Connect 4 before running out of checkers. This isn't a game to play if you want a quite, cool off game for the evening. This is a bouncing around, fast moving and giggling fit of a game. 
This would make a great gift for any family for the up and coming Holidays! Wednesday, September 28th is Family Game night! Check out the Hasbro links for more information. It is their 3rd year hosting this event. 

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This is a sponsored post. A game was given to us to play and post a review. Our own tasty words and opinions are expressed here. 

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