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Calling all Gooseberry Patch friends and soon-to-be new friends. I have a fun, new book for you to check out. Gooseberry Patch recently released their new "Tiny Tips" series of mini, hard backed books, 100 pages full of every day, tried and true tips. 

I had the pleasure of reviewing Tiny Tips for Get-Togethers (click the title to go to that review and tips) and Tiny Tips for Gifts to Make & Give. As always, I brought out a pack of sticky notes to go through the Tiny Tips books. These are hard back books, just the right size to stick in your purse to have something handy to read when you have a few minutes here and there. I read mine while I was waiting for my car to get fixed at the service station.

Tiny Tips for Gifts to Make & Give is just the right book for the up and coming Holidays. I'm always looking for new goodies to share and this book gave me a lot of new ideas.  Here are a few of my favorite new tips:
  • *Make a bath mitten! Fold a washcloth in half; sew two sides closed, leaving one side open. Sew on a loop and place a bar of soap inside. (VERY EASY)
  • *Color copies of vintage fabrics make terrific one-of-a-kind stationery, scrapbook pages, envelopes or gift tags.
  • *It's simple to give votive holders a frosty look. Coat holders with spray adhesive, then roll in mica snow. Candles tucked inside will glimmer. In the book, the votives are arranged on a cake stand. (Adorable)
  • *If you know someone who's a music lover, use sheet music for wrapping gift boxes. Look for single pages of nostalgic tunes at flea markets or tag sales.
So what do you think? Did you like any of my Make & Give tips that I want to try? Do you have one to share? I'd love to hear it.  Please leave a comment below. 

If you love cookbooks or just looking for some new recipes to try, click Book Book of Home Cooking and enter to win this cookbook jammed packed with over 400 recipes! This contest ends 9/23/2011.

Don't forget to pick up this book for yourself or for a gift!

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