Giveaway What's A DAME to do?!

Are you looking for a game to play with your female friends during your next "girls night out", family gatherings or even your book club? If so, you really need to check out the game, "What's a DAME to do?!" by Sisters 2 Inc.

I played this game several times with my grown up family members (SIL, MIL and girlfriends) and we had a blast. So much that they guys were playing a game in the other room and kept looking in at us to see why were were laughing so much. We were so into the game that I forgot to take pictures. Shame on me, I know. Don't worry though I do have one picture that one of the brothers took on the cell phone. Here is a shot of us having fun and ignoring the men in the other room.
This game is really easy to play with easy to follow instructions, thank goodness. There are actually several ways to play and we even made up another way to play that wasn't in the instruction book.

Are you familiar with the game, Apples to Apples? It is a really fun game for adults, teens and even tweens. Well this is played similar to that game. It is for 3-8 players and aged at 18 and up. I really felt awful that my 16 year olds couldn't join in but the dilemma cards are really for more grown up women.

Each round has a Dilemma Card that is played. Each player, depending on how many are playing the game, will toss out Reaction Cards to the Dilemma Card.
  • For example, here are two of the Dilemma Cards, "While on public transportation my purse opens and my last few tampons roll down the aisle, what's a DAME to do?!" and "I see an Ex at the grocery store, 2 aisles away, and I am NOT looking my best, what's a DAME to do?!". You get it? 
  • So a Dilemma is played and then players lay down their Reactions. For example you might have these cards so that is what you have to toss out, "Laugh hysterically," "Let loose," or even "Unleash your inner drama queen."
  • From there the "Dame" of that round reads them, people respond, the "Dame" picks her favorite, people vote on the one that they think the "Dame" will choose and then it is revealed. Points are given, too.

It is a quick and easy game BUT you won't play it quickly. Everyone will be so into the game laughing and talking that you will need to take scheduled time-outs to refills your favorite beverage, get a snack and go to the bathroom!

My suggestions: Make sure you are playing this game with like-minded friends. You don't want to offend anyone in your group. So make sure you know your players. I say this because some of the questions are sexual and if you know that some in your group isn't or would be offended, skip the game and play something else fun like Apples to Apples.
  • This goes along with the age of 18 and over for the game, too. I felt bad that I couldn't include those that were under 18 in the game. So just make sure you are playing it at a true girls night out event!
  • We found that you could play this game quicker and have just as much fun without scoring points. We would have also liked blank "Dilemma" and "Reaction" cards to make up our own as we went along.
WOULD you like to win a copy to play at your NEXT girls night out event?? Remember to keep track of your playing minutes to add it to the "Million Minute Family Game Challenge."

TO enter to win 1 copy of "What's a DAME to do?!" click the below MORE to enter. Giveaway ends 9/24/11

Thanks to the company for sending me a copy to review. My own, tasty & honest options are expressed here.


  1. I'd love to win this game and play with me girlies! Thanks. Email is with name.

  2. On the email list for Games for Dames.

  3. To answer the question- I really can't stand playing monopoly. It takes FOREVER!

  4. I would love to win What's A Dame To Do?! for my upcoming sorority reunion!

  5. Sounds like fun - I'd love to win!

  6. My friends and I don't live near each other, so we only get to see each other a few times a year, at most. During those times, we prefer not to go out to a bar or club because it's not really our scene, plus we want to TALK! This sounds like a perfect alternative to the Girls' Night Out!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  7. Well, again, the first gmae that I can't stand that comes to mind is chess. I'm no good at strategy, and not interested in getting much better! :)

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  8. This game sounds like it would be something a lil different for a group of gals to get together and giggle over! :)

  9. I do girl's night out events and this would be alot of fun to play at one of them.

  10. I belong to a bunco club that meets once a month and afterwards some of us stay late and play cards...this would be a fun change, thanks!
    GFC follower
    email addy in FC form.

  11. A game I don't like is the card game Pinochle...I tried sooooooooooo hard to learn it but I failed miserably.

  12. Thanks to all who entered! The winner is posted above. SusieQTpies

  13. info sent...thanks for the great giveaway and the win!


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