Are you playing in the Million Minute Game Challenge?

Are you participating in the Million Minute Family Game Challenge? If so how are you doing with logging your minutes? If you aren't participating, click here to read more and enter the Word Shout game giveaway. If you are an adult, enter the What's a Dame to Do? giveaway.

Our group is called Crazy Gamers and we just logged 4,635 minutes. The top games played are Space Empires, Magic the Gathering, Pinochle, Combat Commander and Small World.  Ever heard of them? Some of our other games include Sponge Bob Game of Life, Ccandy Land, Scrabble, Settlers of Catan, Yinsh, Word Shout, Seven Wonders, Dungeon Quest, Carcasone, Rummikub, Heroclix, Heroscape, Cthulhu, Rory Story Cubes, Clue, Apples to Apples, aMAZEing Labyrinth, Pocket Battles, Ticket to Ride, Five Crowns, Seismic and Ablaze!

What are some of your favorite games? Check out one of our player's on Board Game Geek to find out about some of the listed games.

Did you know that board games have been around for 3000 years? Click here, History of Board Games, to learn more.

If you aren't registered to play I hope you do it soon. The Challenge last until the last day of December.

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