Got Nails? Fancy Nails and HOT coupons

My daughter loves to do her own nails. No, I'm not talking about one or two coats of zippy zappy purple here. I'm talking about making designs on her nails. She is pretty good at it and has even done nails for other people. Here are a few of her creations and some coupons for you to try it, too! Nail designs are HOT on Pinterest. Follow me there and you can do a search for nails and you will see what I mean. I just made a Nail Art Board to showcase some of her designs.

$1.00 off Sally Hansen Nail Treatment
$2 off Revlon cosmetic item
$0.50 off All You February Issue
$1.00 off any L'Oréal Paris Item
The All You magazine is for you to read while your nails dry :) The magazine is full of coupons and you will probably find more beauty coupons inside!


  1. Thanks for the coupons and tell your daughter keep up the good work!I love to nail designs too. Pinterest is full of great ideas:)

  2. Thanks, Allison! She really does a neat job. I'm not sure if I'm following you on Pinterst but I'm going to check!


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