King Cakes! Love those New Orleans sweet treats! Link up

Are you a fan of New Orleans King Cakes? We lived there for 5 years and loved Carnival Season. We loved all the variety of King Cakes. Yes, we had our favorites but always loved trying a different filling from a different bakery. Now that we no longer live there, I either make my own or have one shipped up from New Orleans.

The above picture was taken by my daughter this weekend. She was at Kirchhoff's Deli/Bakery in Padukah of all places and snapped a shot of their King Cakes. 

Here is one that we made a few years ago. I will take some better shots this year. The platter is one that was given to us as we left New Orleans. The design was created by Artist Michael Hunt. We love this platter and some of his other pieces that we own because we were friends with his family while living in New Orleans. You can find out more about Michael by clicking his name above or by clicking, NOLA Fine Art. 
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Check out these King Cake Knots that I found on Pinterest, too. These are made with already made dough.

Link up any New Orleans food, crafts, pictures, etc.


  1. thanks for letting me know about your blog hop, look forward to getting some ideas for our party next weekend!

  2. Last January my extended family all got together and my cousin from LA brought a few King Cakes. One had a cinnamon filling and was really good! Do I dare admit I'd never heard of King Cakes before that day? ;)


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