Thursday, February 2, 2012

HOT & EASY Super Bowl Recipes

(Get your HEAD into the Game with this Jello Brain)

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Don't you just LOVE an excuse to cook? Some of you will say YES while you others will cringe at the thought of cooking. LOL YES, I know it is the truth! Here are a few of my personal favorite hot & easy recipes that will work great for any Super Bowl Party! 

Gooo Saints! Oh, darn...sorry I forgot that they didn't make it in the Super Bowl this year. Either way, get cooking and have fun. I also included some hot coupons! A few of them are for Alka-Seltzer Antacid as some of you might need it before, during and after the game.

 Bamboola-slushy fruit drink

Looking for more tasty Recipes? Check out my recipe data base. Remember, don't drink and drive. 


roofing contractor nj said...

That's a superb post and you have shared a great material like the Chocolate cakes and others.

angelfoodskitchen said...

Yum on the buckeye brownies! Trying it with my brownie recipe soon. :)

Jonnique said...

Thanks so much for linking up again to Taste This Thursday party. All these recipes look great too! Looking forward to linking up to your parties!

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