Thursday, February 9, 2012

What's That Smell? How long does food last?

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Thanks to HellaWella, the new health website that combines well-informed information with humor and personality for this awesome guide on how long different foods last in the fridge. 

When in doubt, check this list. You can find them on Facebook, too! 

Go check your fridge and tell me the oldest thing you have in there. I did it and I have a bottle of French's 100% Natural Horseradish Mustard and the exp. date is...gulp.....don't hate me.....Aug 08 2010. I never use this. It belongs to my husband and I JUST threw it out. Yikes. 


Anonymous said...

I have peanut butter in my cupboard 2 years old...eek.

Malika Bourne said...

Doesn't peanut butter have along storage life?
I was just thinking-soldiers in the civil war were eating biscuits from the Revolutionary WAr. Ick! Guess thye didn't smell.

Leah Sudela said...

My in laws had soy sauce that expired 8 years ago. Barf

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