Thirteen Basic Disaster Preparedness Tips

We survived Hurricane Katrina 2005 in New Orleans! We are very familiar with weather disasters. Here are some great tips from the book, Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family" to help you get your family prepared. Remember, in the end, family & friends are what is important.  Have you every been in a disaster situations? Feel free to leave comments below.

1.    Start paying attention. Get a weather radio. Monitor local and national events. Be more aware of your surroundings and things that may affect your family. Stay Alert = Stay Alive!

2.    Make a simple list of dangers that you are most likely to face, many of which are dependent on where you live. Next, assess the shortages or hardships that these dangers might cause, such as loss of electricity, water contamination, or inability to travel the roadways. Finally, make a few basic preparations to mitigate the effects of those hardships (perhaps keeping a generator in your garage or installing a water purifier).

3.    Stock up on consumables that might end up in short supply: food, water, candles, batteries, generator fuel, ammunition, diapers, etc.

4.    Shore up your shelter. Take time to inspect your dwelling to make sure it is in good repair and capable of protecting your family.

5.    Plan your possible evacuation. Identify where you will go, at least two ways to get there, and what supplies or valuables you will take with you.

6.    Put together a small emergency kit for your automobile.

7.    Review your insurance policies and adjust or supplement them to have an adequate safety net in place.

8.    Have ready a properly-sized backup heating system (if appropriate to climate).

9.    Establish an emergency fund that can be quickly accessed when a financial hardship occurs.

10. Learn first aid, and put together a well-stocked family kit.

11. Maintain a minimum 30-day supply of important medications and medical supplies.

12. Create a network of like-minded individuals committed to working together to survive dangerous events.

13. Consider the special needs of those within your household, including children, the elderly, those with disabilities, and pets.

Source: Arthur T. Bradley,PhD, Author of Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family” (CreateSpace)

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