DIY Bow using a Tie for Father's Day

What do you get your husband for Father's Day? One of my favorite gifts for him is food! Here is a yummy gift basket idea where I used some of his favorite snacks. To top off the gift basked I used a tie and made it into a bow. This tie also becomes part of the gift! It is SO EASY to make!

It is super easy to do and PERFECT for Father's Day or any male gift. You can use a tie that is already in your home or buy one! The tie can be a gift, too!

 Fold 24" of Bowdabra wire in half and add to the center of the Mini Bowdabra
 Start with the small end of the tie and add to the Mini Bowdabra. Keep folding it back in forth.
 You will need to push it in as it gets thick and keep a finger with moderate pressure on the center.

 When you have used all the tie that you want, keep one hand holding one side and pull up the Bowdabra Wire, loop the ends and tie off tight.
 Pull out of the Mini Bowdabra, flip over and knot it.
 I turned away for a second and one of my cats, Truffle, jumped up and started eating the Bowdabra Wire. It was really cute!
 Keep the extra Bowdabra Wire attached and use it to wrap around your gift basket, gift bag, etc.
 It is that simple! 

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