Mom-the unwritten letter Happy Mother's Day!

My daughter had to write a letter for one of her college classes. It was to be the unwritten letter. A letter to someone about whatever topic. A letter that needed to be written, a way of taking thoughts and feelings and adding to paper. She did write her letter. It wasn't addressed to me but she let me read it. It made me cry. I can't share her letter with you but maybe someday. Her teacher was blown away by it and told her to get it published. I cried.

So why am I telling you this if I can't share her letter? My point is, we all have thoughts and feeling bottled up in us that we never share. I suggest that you try it sometime. Write a letter, be truthful and then throw it away. It is really good for your mental health. You can also write it and share it if it is going to help you or others. Just like the letter my daughter wrote. It is a letter that will help someone so she will share it. 

Today is Mother's Day. To some it is a commercial holiday. A good way to get people buying for any one that is a mother or a mother figure. I'm all for giving honor to a mother on a special day. What matters more is giving honor to your mother daily. The 4th Commandment states, "Honor your father and your mother." In my Lutheran Catechism it means, "We should fear and love God so that we do not despise or anger our parents and other authorities, but honor them, serve and obey them, love and cherish them. 

For some, this day brings out happy memories of joy. For others, it can remind them of sorrow, deep aches and pains of loss, abandonment and many many other negative adjectives. What does this day bring to you? Since I can remember, this day was never a day I really cared to celebrate. To celebrate the day you need a mother. I do not have one to give honor to, to serve, to obey, to love nor to cherish. 

Despite not having a biological mother that I knew, I have learned over the years that a mother is not just the biological mother. A mother is a female of authority. I've had many and will continue to have many more. I have been mothered by many women throughout my life. Collectively they could make one whole mother. Does that make sense? So, no, I wasn't blessed with a biological mother I knew but have found mothers around me and have learned from each and everyone of them on how to be a mom.

I've also learned how to be a mom from my Church. The Church is the bride of Christ. Christ died for the Church. His gifts of Baptism, Absolution, Gospel and the Lord's Supper feed his Church and He never leaves us. He cares for them despite their not always showing fear and love to Him. This is a true example of doing all you can for your children. If you can't do it and none of us can truly do all of it all the time then know that Christ gave us the ultimate gift for mother's day. The gift of dying on the cross for us to wash away all that we have done wrong, for not having fear or love, for not giving honor or serving and for not obeying, loving or cherishing our mothers or females in authority.

With this, I have peace. I know that I can't make someone be a mom who couldn't or didn't want to be one. I know that I can be a mom and care for the 3 that I was given all through the help of Christ.

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