Spike Seasoning Magics alternative to table salt

Have you ever heard of Spike Seasoning Magics? Maybe you heard Dr. Oz mention this as an alternative to table salt to season your foods? Spike Seasoning Magics was mentioned on his show and he also list it as a great resource to help fight bloating and belly bulge.

Here are all the Spike Seasoning Magic spices that we tried:

Spike ® Salt-Free Magic!
Spike ® Hot’n Spicy Magic!
Spike ® Vegit Magic!
Spike ® Vege-Sal Magic!
Spike ® Garlic Magic!
Spike ® Original Magic!Spike® Onion Magic!Spike ® 5 Herb Magic!
Spike ® Lemon Peper Magic!
Spike ® Tenderizer magic!

A few years ago my husband started treatment for high blood pressure. Since then, I very seldom add salt to the foods that I prepare. I've learned over the years to mix and match herbs and spices to flavor our foods. I also look for seasoning products that contain low to no sodium. 

I was thrilled to get the chance to review all the above seasonings because most of them are low to no sodium. The day the box arrived we happen to have fresh tomatoes. My husband did a taste test of each one on his tomatoes. He loved them all!

We now use Spike Seasoning Magic spices on fresh veggies, cooked veggies and almost every dish that I have cooked over the past month. They are stored in glass bottles and look great on the back of my stove!

  • We love adding the 5 Herb Magic! or Vegit Magic! on french fries.
  • We used Hot'n Spicy Magic, Garlic Magic, Onion Magic and 5 Herb Magic! in homemade spaghetti sauce. 
  • Lemon Peper Magic and Garlic Magic worked great on tilapia. 
  • Onion Magic, Salt-Free Magic, Original Magic and Garlic Magic were used in my Crock Pot Ham & Bean soup.

Besides the health benefits listed on their website, Dr. Oz and his support and the taste of the spices the price is right! They are $2.99 a bottle! Click here, Gayelord Hauser Products to order!

We were sent products to review. Our own tasty opinions are expressed here.  

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  1. I just love ''Spike''. It's hard to find where I live. May have to order it online!


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