MIGHTY FINE Blog Tour -Out in Theaters May 25th!

Have you ever been to a movie premiere? I have never been to a real live premiere but just recently attended one online.  I hope this is the newest trend because it was a lot of fun! I was invited to attend the event with other bloggers. Not only did we get to watch the movie together from the comfort of our own home but we had a chat window! So we got to chat, make comments, etc during the movie! Really, it was a blast. Then if that wasn't enough excitement we had a Q & A session right after the film with the Director and two of the actors!

The movie, Mighty Fine is a film based in the 1970's on writer/director Debbie Goodstein's childhood experiences with anger, aggression and how that played out in her family.  The family moved from Brooklyn to New Orleans in search of a better life. The father, Joe Fine (Chazz Palminteri) knew that his business would do better in Louisiana vs. New York. Joe loves his wife, Stella (Andie MacDowell) and daughters (Jodelle Ferland and Rainey Qualley) and does his best to care for them while struggling with outburst of explosive, rage-filled anger. His mood swings happen around his family which leaves them always in a state of uncertainty.

I love independent small budget, feel good movies. I really think that they do a better job at telling stories. This movie, Mighty Fine fits into that category. The egg shell walking Fine family has a story that unfolds scene by scene and will keep your attention from the beginning to the end. The movie is about domestic violence. I grew up in a family with violence issues so I could easily related to emotional issues of the film. It is very real. It isn't all feel good but you do learn the power of a loving family which to me, fits in that category.

I'm a huge fan of the 70s so I was impressed with the setting, clothes, cars, furniture,  historical relevance of the times (Elvis concert) including the disco ball that gets taken off the moving van in this film.  The writer/director is telling her personal story and it is one worth watching.

Being apart of the Mighty Fine Blog Tour was great!  After the movie we had a Q & A time with the director. She told us they filmed in 17 days, struggled with New Orleans black mold and hurricane season! Chazz Palminteri and Jodelle Ferland also chatted with us. I didn't even think of taking a screen shot but I did take 2 pictures with my cell phone! Here are the pictures and a few points from the movie from the actors.

  • Chazz enjoyed the challenge of acting as a bipolar dad and worked with the onset psychologist.
  • He is very funny!
  • He doesn't care if the audience likes the character he plays. He is more concerned with being true to the character

  • The movie was told through the voice of her character when she was older. 
  • Jodelle usually plays darker roles (you might recognize her from Eclipse) so this was something different for her.

Being a small film, it will only be found in select movie theaters. Check the schedule to see where it will be near you! Go see this Might Fine movie! Even thought I already saw it, I will go see it with my movie buddy. We love seeing these type of movies.  Watch the trailer below & check it out on Facebook, too!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for MightyFine and the distributor. I received access to an online showing of the film and a promotional item to thank me for participating

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