Egg Carton Craft and other fun recycled crafts for kids

Egg carton crafts are so fun to make! Earth day or any day kids love hands on recycled, upcycled reusable fun projects. Get into spring and let your kids create bugs and blooms egg carton crafts.
Kid crafts

Bugs & Blooms Recycled Egg Carton Crafts

kids crafts

Basic supplies:

Paper egg cartons
Pipe cleaners
White glue
Paper clip (for poking holes in the egg carton)

Pick a few more supplies to decorate your project:

Washable paint & brushes
Wiggly eyes


  • Cut the bottom of the egg carton in half down the middle, so you have two strips of 6 egg cups. 
  • You now have two caterpillar bodies! One side of each strip will have notches along the side because of how the carton is shaped, so you can cut the other side with matching notches, if you wish.
  • Now, you need to decorate your caterpillar's body! Add some color with markers, crayons, paint, and/or glitter. 
  • You can also glue on some pom-poms or buttons and add wiggly eyes to give him some personality! 
  • If you like, you can punch little holes along the bottom of his sides and insert small bent pieces of pipe cleaners as legs or glue on pom-poms for feet.
  • Don't forget his antennae! Cut a pipe cleaner in half, and bend it into a V. Poke two small holes in the top of the caterpillar's head, and insert the V into the holes from underneath.

Caterpillars get hungry, so let's make him a flower snack!
kids craft


  • Using scissors, separate the egg carton cups from each other. If you like, you can also cut out a few of the triangular parts of the egg carton that are between the cups. 
  • Shape each cup into a flower however you like.
  • Add some color to your flowers with markers, crayons, paint, and/or glitter. 
  • Poke two small holes in bottom of each egg cup, and cut 6 pipe cleaners in half. 
  • From the bottom of the cup, insert one end of the pipe cleaner into one of the holes, bending it over after you push it through, so that it can loop over and come back out through the other hole. 
  • Tightly twist the long side of the pipe cleaner together with the smaller piece that's now sticking out of the bottom of the egg cup. 
  • Bend over the bottom tip of the pipe cleaner stem to protect little hands from getting poked by the wire. 
  • If you want your flower to have a fancy center, glue a pom-pom or button inside the center of the egg cup bottom. Enjoy your bouquet!
Hope you enjoyed this fun project from Donna & Co.

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  1. Love this, my 8 year old love crafts..not as much as making cookies though. Great idea!

  2. Love love love egg carton crafts! Thanks for linking Osito kids crafts too!

  3. Fun project and great list of ideas for more!

  4. Looking forward to making some of these with my kiddos!

  5. That caterpillar is adorable! Just pinned. Thanks for the great ideas.

  6. Such cute ideas! I'll be coming back to this post when Pebbles is a bit older.

  7. Great crafts! Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library. I am featuring it on iGameMom.


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