Online Shopping with Finds App ROCKS!

Do you shop online? How much do you shop online? We purchase as much as we can online which is how I found out about the new app called Finds.
online shopping

I download the Finds app in the iTunes store. It is the first app you will find when you do a search for 'Finds.' You can read their informative deck to get familiar with all the uses of Finds. For me, the best information came from just using the app.

As I said we do a lot of online shopping. This app is a cross between Pinterest, Instagram and every other social media site where people share pictures of things that they have purchased or things that they want to purchase. The app is from people who shop online or even from people who see a product and wonder where to purchase it.

How does this app work? You use your phone camera to take a picture of something you purchased or something you want. You add a description of it and then it is added into the Finds app. I didn't time this but apparently within a few hours the app searches the internet (not sure how it does this but I'm sure it is by the keywords in your item description) and it will attach where to buy this item online.
online shopping

As a test, I added a picture of an iPhone case that belongs to a friend. The next time I checked, the case had a Find tab attached which allowed anyone looking at my photo to click on it to find out more and to purchase the case. Very cool!

Here are a few things that I found searching around on the app that I will buy or by the time you are reading this that I already purchased. One item I had never considered buying, the mustache ring. The other two items I had seen similar items but had never looked into purchasing them.
online shopping
1-Mustache Ring for my teen from Think Up Jewel on Etsy

online shopping
2-Keyboard Protective Film for my Mac from Mini In The Box

online shopping

3-Lekue Silicone Macaron Baking Mat from Casa

I have to say that this app is in really getting going. I felt very comfortable using it because it reminded me so much of Pinterest and Instagram. The major difference is that you can go one step further and actually go right to where you can purchase the item. I love how easy it was to add a picture and description and then the Finds app takes the next step and locates where to purchase the item. All the sites where it linked to buy where from sites I was already familiar with and had accounts set up like Amazon, Etsy, Target, etc.

Finds is giving away a $100 Visa Debit Card every week to one of it's users. The user has to have posted at least once that week and have at least 3 followers. This is a wonderful incentive for you to download the app and give it a try! When you click to get the Finds app look for me, I'm SusieQTpies on the app.

I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the Finds mobile app. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

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