Reuse, Recycle and Upcycle at Home, School and Work #EverydayEffect

Earth Day is a time to reflect on what effect your family has on the environment. To make it simple for your family, focus in on what you do where you live, go to school, where you work and where you play. If we all focused on those few areas a lot of waste would be reduced and energy conserved. What is your family doing for Earth Day?
upcycle at home
Time to join the P&G Conserve-it-All program and challenge the family to reflect on what changes we can make in our environment. We’ve found that the best way to recognize a problem is to talk about it. We have thought about the problem. Our new focus for Earth Day is to come up with a game plan for what we are doing in our immediate environment. Below are the areas we want to work on, are working on and goals we will do to focus in to help reduce our waste and use less energy.
upcycle crafts

Our Home:
  • Buy everyone a filter water bottle and stop purchasing small bottled water at the store.
  • Focus more on bulk purchases that are cheaper and have less waste.
  • Get back to the basics of making more snacks instead of purchasing small individual packages at the store.
  • Buy more fruit and veggies because their waste is minimal.
  • Recycle what is recyclable, reuse what can be reused and upcycle instead of tossing.
  • Make a fun recycle bin for products to be upcycled into something fun and purposeful.
  • Use candles more in the evening and have planned “lights out” activities more often.
  • Carpool to family events instead of everyone driving separate.

Our School:
  • Make fun recycle bin for the classroom for products to be upcycled into something fun or for art time.
  • Share lights out activities with other parents and brainstorm on what fun things to do.
  • Become trash warriors and pick up trash around us even when the trash isn't ours.
  • Continue the bring lunch to school plan so we can keep trash and energy use to a minimum. 
  • Carpool to school as much as possible.
  • Work with other parents to trade clothes that no longer fit.

Our Work:
  • Continue the bring lunch to work plan so we can keep trash and energy use to a minimum. 
  • Keep an eye out for recyclable products that can be reused, recycled and upcycled at work and to be donated to school.
  • Invest in the large bottled water tanks instead of using small water bottles throughout the day.
  • Walk or bike to work when possible.
  • Carpool whenever possible.
  • Work with others to trade clothes that no longer fit.

Here are some projects we participated in to recycle, reuse and upcycle in our environment.
earth day
Earth Day Recycled Mixed Media Paint Project

earth day
DIY repurposed shoes -Upcycle an old pair of sneakers into a new pair by painting on them.

upcycle at home
 Recycled Aluminum Can Clothes Pin Flower Gift-Use aluminum cans to make flower pots. Ribbon and clothes pins were also recycled.

earth day
Joined a pedometer challenge to make sure we walked more! You can even set this up at home for a family challenge.

Is your family ready for a challenge? If so, choose your challenge! How will you work with your family to reduce, reuse and/or recycle in your home? If you are on Twitter, check the hashtag #EverydayEffect to see what other families are doing, too!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by last week's Saturday Showcase! What an awesome project! Stop by next week to link up some more cool projects!

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