Easy Eggs Benedict Recipe for Mother's Day

What do you like to do for Mom on Mother's Day? Do you cook her a special meal? Have you ever made her breakfast in bed? Here is a tasty breakfast recipe which would be perfect to make Mom for breakfast in bed. 

Brunch Recipe

Easy Eggs Benedict- serves 1 hungry mom

1 English muffin, split and lightly toasted and buttered
2 eggs, poached*
2 pieces Canadian bacon
2-4 tablespoons Hollandaise Sauce*

1) Make Hollandaise Sauce. Recipe and directions below.
2) Toast and butter English muffins.
3) Warm Canadian bacon in microwave or fry on stove top.
4) Make poached eggs. Directions below.
5) Assemble in this order; 1 English muffin, 1 piece Canadian bacon, 1 egg and top with 2 tablespoons of Hollandaise Sauce.
6) Serve to mom with a steamy cup of her favorite tea.

*Hollandaise Sauce
2 egg yolks
2 teaspoons lemon juice, fresh squeezed
1/4 cup of butter, unsalted and melted ( 1/2 of stick)
pinch of salt
pinch of lemon pepper seasoning
Directions for Sauce
1) In a small sauce pan, whisk together eggs and lemon juice. Do this for at least one minute to make the yolks fluffy.
2) Next, put on stove top, very low heat and keep whisking. Don’t stop whisking and keep the heat low for 2 minutes.
3) Finally, whisk in melted butter, salt and lemon pepper. Do this for 1 more minute. Take off heat, cover with lid. Immediately make the eggs and assemble. Top with sauce.

*Poached Eggs-so easy to make and healthy way to an egg

1) In a small fry pan, fill half full with water and 2 teaspoons of white vinegar.
2) Bring to a slow boil. When bubbles appear, break egg gently into the water.
3) Cook egg for 3-4 minutes. The egg white will be all white.
4) Remove with slotted spoon.

Stop over and check out my recipe which is also featured on the Bowdabra Blog. There I show you how to add a little special splash of love to this meal.
brunch recipe

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