Household Cleaning task belong in the Icktionary #icktionary

Cleaning up the same messes over and over at home can be rather boring. If you are like me, sometimes we have family made up names for our messes. Ever heard of crevitis? Or how about any task which is just down right unpleasant but being the adult of the home, you have to deal or go INSANE!

household cleaning

I know about going insane or dealing with task that are just unreal. One of those task that drives me bonkers is dealign with dirt in the bathroom or kitchen. That is how I came up with crevitis. Crevitis is that condition in which germs, lint, crumbs and who knows what go to hide behind the kitchen or bathroom sink. If you didn't know about this condition, go look behind your sinks. It is that small small space that shouldn't be there. Why can't faucets fit flush with the wall to prevent this terrible embarrassing condition? I didn't want to admit this to anyone but once I found a finger nail behind there in the bathroom sink!!! I have total crevitis. 

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So do you have any disgusting household task that you have made more enjoyable, if that could be possible, by giving the task or situation its own name? If so you could join my condition and the many others linked up in the Clorox® Ick-tionary! Yes, you head that right- the Ick-tionary! It is the place for all things icky which parents have named to be shared with other parents. Who would have known that our icky catastrophes can be laughed and shared with other parents and enjoyed! What a great way to take out the embarrassment of our crazy lives.

A few of my favorite terms listed by other parents:

  • Apocolipstick-When you're bumped into while attempting to apply lipstick. Can you releate? As a mom I can relate to this BIG TIME! I wear lipstick all the time and never thought of giving it this term but it totally relates to the situation! 
  • Szechuan Doodles-The pattern that your lo mein noodles make when they fall on the floor. Ummm...yes! We can relate to this with just about every food that falls out of the fridge! Maybe it is time to embrace the mess and let the kids turn into real art? Speaking of art, how about this last one.
  • Poopcasso or aka Defec-art-Kids paint on the wall with their potty! I can only laugh at this because my twins did this, once. Yikes we were totally horrified as parents of not even 2 year olds. We never mentioned this to anyone out of total embarrassment. To my surprise, other parents have been in this very situation! 
household cleaning
You can share your own terms at the Clorox® Ick-tionary, play games and win coupons! I think the last time I visited the site there were over 40 terms listed. It is truly the fun place to go to commiserate with other people and their icky moments. When I was reading through the list, I could relate to almost everyone of them and I will tell you, their made up names fit the terms. So stop stressing about everyday messes or those once in a lifetime messes and share them with the other parents over at the Clorox® Ick-tionary.


FYI This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Clorox blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. To read more posts on this topic, click here.

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